Scotland Golf Incentive Trip

Custom Corporate Golf Experiences

Bespoke itineraries to meet the needs of your group

Endless famous and local-knowledge courses to enjoy

Majestic lodging and meeting facilities

Local cuisine, crackling fireplaces, warming whisky


Competition and events design and production

End-to-end travel arrangements

Trip planning and team communication

Hotel booking and room allocation

Meeting room specification and equipment

Activity planning and vendor management

Dining and evening celebration creative and execution

Once you’ve concluded any business, go outside and walk on the grass ...


Moors, rough anda wee bit of greenDon't take your eyes off your driveHonestly.As a child, you learn to watch until your ball settles and if you can't see if from the tee, you mark where it disappeared into the grass by the nearest obvious bush, tree or stone.Join us in Scotland and we'll teach you and your team some of our local tips and tricks for the perfect game of golf with the fewest possible strokes added for shots that don't land exactly as you planned.CONTACT US NOW

absolutely perfect surroundings

Scotland offers some of the most stunning scenery for a game of golf, anywhere in the world

There is nothing like a calm, wispy-cloud day following a night of softening dew on the grass. Add to that the still loch waters, jagged peaks or rolling hills, and ancient stone walls and you have the perfect environment for the golf tour of a lifetime for your team.

And during the summer, the sun doesn't set until late

in the evening - so why not play another round.


very special accommodationLet us organize your private castleAnd we'll bring in our butler, chef and complete staff to make sure that your team is immersed in a completely Scottish experience.We'll take care of every detail and with our local knowledge and network of first-class vendors, will design the perfect custom itinerary for you.CONTACT US NOW


even more local whisky


Complete your day with cocktails, local fare prepared by dedicated Scottish artisans, and a wee dram or two of cask whisky.

End the evening sitting by the hearth, listening to the story-teller recount great rounds of the past.

Smile as you ready yourself for another day of spectacular golf.

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                                     today to tell us what you want and together we'll take it from there.